Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mars Retro and the Global Cycles of Civilizations or Warning of Cataclysmic Cycle Beginning? March through August 2016

Part 1 ~ Planetary Trends to watch for.

Potential disruptive earthquake, weather and earth disruptions:

Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius as of April 17 2016.

It will remain in Sagittarius until May 28 2016 and go station Direct on June 29 2016.

This Mars period, has brought much tension and an escalation of physical challenges, sickness, flu, colds and as we uncover in part two, an almost an attack upon a culture of people. It is remarkable who far and wide the illnesses have spread.

As aggressively as it has hit us, we need to match it with aggressive remedies of your choice.

Below are some planetary aspects to consider, some potential earthquake warnings.

The Mars turning retrograde could be a symbol of an aggressive earth challenge to certain regions on the earth. For more earthquake understanding, I like this channel:


April 25-28

Neptune in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo mildly, and is in square to Moon Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius in a tight conjunction.

In addition to potential major earthquakes escalating in a major way during this time, this cycle is very dangerous for military confrontations, political posturing and poorly worded public exposures of certain public issues that could be a strange mystery, now revealed.

Also, personally for all of us,this configuration creates a theme for all, of some sort of challenge we have to overcome our negative mood or bad attitude about something that might have been some kind of build up of a long term issue that has been triggered.

I suppose it is going to take some form of resentment, injustice, or attitude of anger or desire even to retaliate, since these are Sagittarius issues.

This is because of a situation that may have occurred recently or in the past, that we are having a difficult time seeing straight and clear because we are reacting emotionally to the disappointment.

The way out of this aspect's influence is to get real and face certain realities with ourselves, or others' way.

Try to Be honest with this problem, because it will attempt to manipulate your mind to make a big deal out of a partial truth, benefiting your own position. Neptune and Jupiter involved in an opposition says that there are situations you are dealing with that might be very deceptive, and either both parties are at some fault, or the one that has been caught red handed attempting to deceive and avoid accountability with what they did, is absolutely not worth your time pressing accountability upon them. This aspect could then be also a trap to entangle us back into an injustice, we desire straightened out and it is just not worth getting re-entangled back into a situation that might then take a very long time and much suffering to get out of.

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