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CANCER 2016-2017

Cancer 2016-2017

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Your real authentic self is your Fire of Identity, and it is deep within your heart. Your purpose Cancer is to acquire security within and from this Fiery Identity of Authentic Self and become balanced and calm with all your important people in your life, because you represent the steady comfort for others. To them, you are like a ship finding its harbor after a storm at sea.
 Wherever you find yourself, similar to the crab with his house around him, you become conscious of the inner sphere of White Electric Fire, a globe of light you abide within.
Expand it outwards in your mind to encompass your body 7-10 feet outwards in every direction. This is the Cancers' true home, your shell you protect yourself with. Home and security are the key priorities for you, and to know you always have this shield which is an extension of all your inner treasures, is security beginning to unfold. 
The next sphere can become the people, friends and loved ones, the necessary treasures for giving and receiving comfort and love, and lastly the outer most physical; money, house, apartment, land, job and your physical treasures.
As we journey in this new world, the aura becomes priority, as life becomes more mobile and changeable. You must have your first home/security around you strong, your Aura of Protection.

People love being in your life because you radiate loving protective feelings towards those you care about.
Your feelings of compassion, love and security extend outwards towards your surroundings, your family, friends, home. The emotions you have for people you love comes back to you with good friends and kindness from others. Cancer, you are the focal point, the powerful concentration of light, abundance, fountain of life and nourishment in so many ways. Protect it and be clear to whom you give, and for those who are truly in need, don't hesitate to release that abundance of love. 

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire for your Magnificent Years ~ 2014-2016

Fourth Sign-Cancer Key for 2014-2016 
New values replace old ones ~ An inner power brings peace of mind ~ Worries are replaced with maturity

Cancer, Life might appear unsettling for you but there are those around you that depend on your reassuring presence.
Just by being with you, it takes them back to a time in their memories of greater joy in the heart of the Mother.

With Pluto continuing to oppose your Sun, the decade is and hasn't been easy. Certain patterns or beliefs you hold must be released and along with that, it might also mean certain people that have leaned on you, or taken you for granted are relegated to a more realistic role in your life.
In might even mean a separation of some sorts. 

A spiritual viewpoint is becoming stronger within you. It isn't that you personally care any less for others suffering, its more that you are expanding and observing the whole world's karma from a larger perspective. You are developing better self care, realizing many things you may have taken for granted in the past.

Neptune in your chart over the next few years helps soften some of the challenging aspects. Uranus tests you in your ability to stay focused upon your goals and intentions and express good boundaries when being challenged by another.

Ideas, high standards, visions and dreams are so important to continue to embrace. Ever reaching upwards towards these ideals is what makes you feel alive. Never stop creating and feeding your emotions with great happiness and excitement each day!

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