Thursday, July 3, 2014

Saturn Inconjunct Uranus- Summer of Change

SATURN INCONJUNCT URANUS- JUNE 27-AUGUST 10 2014  Peaking July 20-22

 Phoenix: Bird that periodically ((every 500 yrs))it bursts into flames and is reduced to ashes and from those ashes rises a newborn. Has the ability ...

  The Thunderbird Myth describes the powerful transitions and intercessions  coming down into our lives during this summer months. ..."This transit has been creating frustration in people's lives, especially from the beginning of June 2014.  It has felt like anxiety, fear, uncertainty of the future. It feels also, like mind games, experimentation with emotions and mental pictures or thoughts, that are forced into one's world, without our permission.  Are they mind games and intense mental projections from another? and/or are they coordinated with some form of power which might be manipulating for a particular reason.  

Psychological warfare, psychotronics could be used more aggressively to disconnect us unnaturally from our confidence during this astrological this cycle. Even though the change or shift is necessary, the interference could cause the change to take longer, or we have to struggle with our assurance, it is or was the correct path to take.

 It is a twisting uncomfortable energy of altered plans and adjusting to new facts and required steps to take, in order to stay on top of your life, but some kind of war or battle is happening inside of people's minds and emotions, I have been informed from so many now, it is quite disturbing." For more, go here...

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