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CANCER 2016-2017

Cancer 2016-2017

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Your real authentic self is your Fire of Identity, and it is deep within your heart. Your purpose Cancer is to acquire security within and from this Fiery Identity of Authentic Self and become balanced and calm with all your important people in your life, because you represent the steady comfort for others. To them, you are like a ship finding its harbor after a storm at sea.
 Wherever you find yourself, similar to the crab with his house around him, you become conscious of the inner sphere of White Electric Fire, a globe of light you abide within.
Expand it outwards in your mind to encompass your body 7-10 feet outwards in every direction. This is the Cancers' true home, your shell you protect yourself with. Home and security are the key priorities for you, and to know you always have this shield which is an extension of all your inner treasures, is security beginning to unfold. 
The next sphere can become the people, friends and loved ones, the necessary treasures for giving and receiving comfort and love, and lastly the outer most physical; money, house, apartment, land, job and your physical treasures.
As we journey in this new world, the aura becomes priority, as life becomes more mobile and changeable. You must have your first home/security around you strong, your Aura of Protection.

People love being in your life because you radiate loving protective feelings towards those you care about.
Your feelings of compassion, love and security extend outwards towards your surroundings, your family, friends, home. The emotions you have for people you love comes back to you with good friends and kindness from others. Cancer, you are the focal point, the powerful concentration of light, abundance, fountain of life and nourishment in so many ways. Protect it and be clear to whom you give, and for those who are truly in need, don't hesitate to release that abundance of love. 

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire for your Magnificent Years ~ 2014-2016

Fourth Sign-Cancer Key for 2014-2016 
New values replace old ones ~ An inner power brings peace of mind ~ Worries are replaced with maturity

Cancer, Life might appear unsettling for you but there are those around you that depend on your reassuring presence.
Just by being with you, it takes them back to a time in their memories of greater joy in the heart of the Mother.

With Pluto continuing to oppose your Sun, the decade is and hasn't been easy. Certain patterns or beliefs you hold must be released and along with that, it might also mean certain people that have leaned on you, or taken you for granted are relegated to a more realistic role in your life.
In might even mean a separation of some sorts. 

A spiritual viewpoint is becoming stronger within you. It isn't that you personally care any less for others suffering, its more that you are expanding and observing the whole world's karma from a larger perspective. You are developing better self care, realizing many things you may have taken for granted in the past.

Neptune in your chart over the next few years helps soften some of the challenging aspects. Uranus tests you in your ability to stay focused upon your goals and intentions and express good boundaries when being challenged by another.

Ideas, high standards, visions and dreams are so important to continue to embrace. Ever reaching upwards towards these ideals is what makes you feel alive. Never stop creating and feeding your emotions with great happiness and excitement each day!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

What is Interfering with the Ability to Cut Through?

September 18 2014

The latest  Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse article, is posted on the main website HERE.

We have been working hard this summer to complete and launch the new website at www.starfires.com, and migrate the blog, the old site and all the videos, over to this new site.
It has been a strange spring summer fall however, with clients and friends describing a continual wave of professional challenges, health issues, ups and down between apathy and inspirational moments, and energetically we all wonder what could be happening.

Wonderful private journalists and professionals have each their own version of what is going on. Hopefully as we enter this fall, with the breakthroughs that I believe are about to happen all over, we will re-connect to our inner confidence and energy again!

The ability to snap out of down periods, re-inspire myself and be productive is something I have been able to do all my life.
At one point, the down times, which included anything from family children distractions, chores, domestic upsets or unexpected plumbing/roof/appliances issues come and go in life, they are to be expected.

Even the draggy unhappy feelings I would get that might last a day or two, even a week, then unexplainably be gone, I can bounce back from.  I can handle emergencies.  They happen, and it's okay. I know there is a conclusion at some point.

What is bizarre, is a new "sense of doom or resignation feeling, which began January late, 2013. Look, many people have just not felt like themselves since  1998. Will we ever know why? I have some theories about this, which some of you have been patient to listen to, and if interested I would like to write about them. At any rate, the info is withheld from us common folk, or it is a variety of things that are all crosscurrents impacting our biology, brain, hormones and spiritual centers, etc.. Is it the cosmos, the sun, the waves of light cascading through our solar system, and/or artificial creation of waves, timelines changing, etc..etc... affecting our perception?

Truly if there was ever a time to be an Adept it is now. These strange moods in the air all around us, is exactly what led me to get out my old "Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura by Dwal Kul.
I am reading this little book for the 2nd time, 1st being 1979.
  My personal desire, is to be able to mirror genuinely the abilities of a Yogi, ( a real one, saying this with a twinkle in my eye)  and still serve the planet, run my household, eat well, take care of my body, stay youthful as long as possible as in the examples of our illustrious Comte de Saint Germain and Babaji, and financially survive and prosper.  Doesn't that sound like a dream?  I am just stubborn enough to try!
 We really are all connected.  I have the luxury of sitting here in my office all day, privately experiencing my own moods and experiences, big ones that run on for weeks, maybe, two or three a year, and low and behold, I will hear my clients going through exactly the same experiences as I am.

 I privately thought was my own specific unique burden. On the one hand, I am empathetic to what they are all going through, on the other hand, it's a comfort to  know it isn't just me feeling this.

So, What do we do about it?  I like solutions and I must be willing to look at myself to change something inside of me in order to bring this shift about.  I do meditate, and could not cut through without it.
I  know many pray and they give affirmations, decrees, mantras and stay very focused.
I want our intense happiness and inner power to return ( pre-1998'). but how it's going to happen is an internal empowered Revolution within us all. Plus, we don't want to really go back into our past patterns, even though our lives felt much more normal and safe.
We were still partially  asleep compared to now. We are rapidly evolving.

In addition to the challenging ups and downs of energetic waves!
I love brainstorming and listening to your wonderful most enlightening insights regarding the variety of things we desire to understand.  Which leads me back to the subject of what the new site might be used for in the future!

So, back to the changes going on here; my son has built a new website for starfires, and it has been quite a process putting it together. The amount of writing and coding for  something like this is unbelievable!
We eventually desire everything to be on this site.
On-line chat groups to log on with a password, bi-monthly and chat about the latest "theme" we need to chew around. Would you all like that?
Online and archived astrology classes
Ebooks to purchase with your sun sign's 1 year forecast with affirmations and meditations to inspire you;
12 months personal natal chart update and forecasting for the next year ahead, printed out in an ebook  you can order;
Meditations, affirmations, and prayers with astrological details to pray to either maximize for the planets' good fortune, or mitigate because they are negative, or destructive.
and Online lecture events you can register and sit at your computer and listen to a new talk about a variety of subjects.

In addition to the Online Gateway, there will be one page with all the videos,
One page for the latest articles and news updates
One page for all my types of Services listed and gone into with detail.
There is the appointment scheduling calender,
and I want to shift this google blog over to starfires, and relegate a blog section for questions, comments, and quick updates as we have here in this one.  This will be the place where you can weekly check in for anything I might upload I find interesting, and any astrological quick trends to read.
So, this has been a journey, because my son and I both have to work all day, and fit all of this in during our spare time, when he is not Engineering and I am not giving consultations.

I also hope to have an art and music section on the new site, with especially talented new artists featuring their drawings, graphics, videos, and music. It's going to be fun!
Thank you thank you all of you for staying with my writings and my work over so many years.
I am the most grateful girl, blessed with all of you and your absolutely brilliant minds and curiosity!!

On with our Quest! Vondir, Christine

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Saturn Inconjunct Uranus- Summer of Change

SATURN INCONJUNCT URANUS- JUNE 27-AUGUST 10 2014  Peaking July 20-22

 Phoenix: Bird that periodically ((every 500 yrs))it bursts into flames and is reduced to ashes and from those ashes rises a newborn. Has the ability ...

  The Thunderbird Myth describes the powerful transitions and intercessions  coming down into our lives during this summer months. ..."This transit has been creating frustration in people's lives, especially from the beginning of June 2014.  It has felt like anxiety, fear, uncertainty of the future. It feels also, like mind games, experimentation with emotions and mental pictures or thoughts, that are forced into one's world, without our permission.  Are they mind games and intense mental projections from another? and/or are they coordinated with some form of power which might be manipulating for a particular reason.  

Psychological warfare, psychotronics could be used more aggressively to disconnect us unnaturally from our confidence during this astrological this cycle. Even though the change or shift is necessary, the interference could cause the change to take longer, or we have to struggle with our assurance, it is or was the correct path to take.

 It is a twisting uncomfortable energy of altered plans and adjusting to new facts and required steps to take, in order to stay on top of your life, but some kind of war or battle is happening inside of people's minds and emotions, I have been informed from so many now, it is quite disturbing." For more, go here...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Moon in Gemini May 28 2014

Facing a Truth

Two facts, two distinct situations,  parallel, side by side
One, logical and empowering, so relevant right now, as to how you might proceed with your life, it won't allow you to ignore it.
 The Second, illogical, irrational, yet never the less, equally magnetic and  cosmically relevant to your path.
    Normally, Gemini and Mercury, help us come to a conclusion about a thing, based upon the most logical way to proceed, based upon the facts revealed to us.  It provides us a confident path forward and brings mental and emotional comfort as if all parts of ourselves were in order and moving together towards our present path. Basically, it feels right.

In this New Moon in Gemini, middle of May, peaking May 28, continuing its influence up to the full moon on June 13 2014, you would think we could now, gain this stability, gain a surge of mental confidence and  mental energy because now we know the most perfect path.

But this new Moon is squared by Neptune and as a friend said to me the other day,  "it's like our bags are packed, we're ready to go, but the train isn't coming."


 This square to Neptune, creates a conflict between logic/facts and emotional irrational spiritual ideals. We are  wrestling with two realities at the same time.
  (A square, simply presents a contrary thing that doesn't co-exist very well, with the other.)

These two " Facts"  now become so blatantly and equally in your face, you can not ignore them, and with the nature of Neptune's influence, could either freeze you, mesmerize you, or seduce you to not care and throw all caution to the wind and yield to the risk of a shaky path ahead.
Maybe denial would be part of the decision... you could yield to the Neptune's force, and deny that it matters. Or become frozen somewhere in between the two.

If you yield you compromise at this time. The Sign Gemini provides this clarity of logic and facts. That's its job.  It is present day, here and  now time, real time, not future time, or "what if"  time.  It is impersonal information decision time.  
Based on the reality of what you  know now, how would you decide?

The New Moon is the thrust we need to take action within our mind to help direct our next step....., then our life follows, proceeds according to the new decision, based upon the truth and realities we now have accepted...... in spite of the powerful Neptune square that we are realizing we have to leave behind, at least for a time.

The disbelief or the frustration is the question of should we be waiting for this other side to come out of its diffused and incapable state, is what has us frozen....and why are we waiting for it?  Because it could represent something so potentially beautiful and  has brought us close to an ideal of what the etheric heaven plane is like. We bought a ticket a while ago, to get on this "train" to a destination that held an ideal, if we could swing it.

Yet, right now, it is not congruent with your now.  ( Neptune is the planet that holds the closest vibration of heaven and the etheric plane of spiritual divine love. It is the planet that holds the potential for the most beautiful ideal and imagery of  happiness. We need Neptune to dream beautiful and idyllic things. It releases inspiration, faith, hope, immersion in a magical existence.
 When in a negative aspect such as now, it's negative qualities emerge, such as an ability to sabotage, be dysfunctional, involve addictions, deception,  be incapable, irrational and psychologically unstable.  Unless faced and dealt with, it sabotages all that has been gained, and that is why when in a square to another planet, the hand is raised, and your posture is, "STOP" ).

 The 3rd part of this stage, is to sit and wait, be patient and focus upon what you do have now, what you can do, and pour your energy into what is in your own power to control and build, nurture and transform yourself.  

Jupiter trine Saturn  May 21 - June 16  ( peaks May 21-May 31)

While Jupiter is still in Cancer, up through July 16 2014, we still have time to nurture and protect an idea that has been important to us since December 2013. Think! What is it you need to shield, put a barrier around it. You have a new outlook now, new information, new perspective that you have been adjusting to. 

You have acquired a new attitude of protecting and sealing something, anchoring it inside and now it is a strong part of your outlook on your life. Does someone want to share it with you?  Move in on it?  Partner with you?  It's about the thing, the idea and concept, not necessarily, you. 
The clarity of Gemini has thoroughly thought through the entire reality of the situation and understands what the next step is, but instead of advancing to the next step, the two distinct magnetically charged situations are in a square and you have to put your bag down, sit down, and process this.  Someone is missing, some thing is not able, capable to come along on this train of thought, and its a frozen moment.... frozen emotionally and mentally in moving forward with your next step in life.  The other situation that should be merging with you, is in Neptune world, spiritually undergoing a very strange mystical diffusing immersion in love, but is not ready to merge with yours yet. and maybe vice versus.
So in the meantime, keep it simple, take charge of what you do have, and don't move forward until it's right.

  It is time to put the last finishing touches upon something in your life you felt was  important to have last December up until now. Let it expand and grow, as you are patiently allowing things to settle.
 Settle your affairs.
 Put this potential parallel world-dream in a precious place in your heart, and mark it down as a potential to reach, but now, there is some catching up to do.
Clean up your life, settle your debts, and empower yourself with an uncompromising non splitting environment.
You are consolidating and building your energy.

 Say no, more than yes, to situations which would normally require you to stretch yourself too much.

We are still in the theme  of the Taurus Solar Eclipse which began in the middle of April, peaking on April 28, 2014, extending its influence through the summer. 
The theme for this was to stand your ground regarding what you value, and preserve it, in order to possess yourself and own your life.
 Consolidating your energy is what we need to do now.
 Continue to hold fast to your boundaries.  Hold fast to your long term vision.......resist being imposed upon.  Say no to interference and being talked into anything that would set you back, or require too much sacrifice.  ( The time for sacrificing will be here soon enough).
Neptune square the New Moon is about knowing what you want but realizing the logistics of it working out at this time, is close to zero.
Instead, see yourself sealed in your own auric Magnetosphere.
As the earth is encased in its own magnetosphere,

     So is your own aura.  As the Sun projects outwards its Heliosphere, so do we.

Your own aura is protecting you, generated from an electrical magnetic power from within the center of your being, your heart.


The next stage or step isn't happening right now, because our shields could be down.

The release of powers under the sign of Gemini longing for the polarities, the mingling of two opposites is what runs the galaxies, Suns, Stars, everything.  It is natural to magnetically desire to merge two things, two Ideas, merge ourselves with an ideal, reach up for a vision and merge it within ourselves until we become bigger, greater and more than we were yesterday. It is the act of creation.  It is natural for us to magnetically mourn for that polarity which contains the seeds of the new universe we were assigned to create.

 It's all about CREATION.
THE LONGING for the pair, the dual nature combined to release a new energy, idea, birth of something greater than before.

Everything has duality, polarity a positive and negative polarization.
it spins, swirls and twines around each other in order to increase electrical energy  and its' impact upon the world around it, but the Neptune squaring the New Moon is warning us of a possible weakness in our world that if ignorantly pursued, would lead to a possible setback that would weaken our creation.
You have already made so much progress.  Look at that progress and acknowledge it. Protect it and think about what could sabotage it. 

It is time to increase our bubble of protection, our sphere we live within.  We need it to be strong, uncompromising and powerful now.  Today is May 21.  We can concentrate upon this idea of increasing the light within our own world and aura, up through the date of June 13, the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  But, why not make it a regular consideration in our daily lives? I found this book in 1979, after a moment's pause, similar to now. 

Human Aura

In that moment's pause, stopped at a red light, frozen with two paths before me, I made the decision to walk into that bookstore across the street and choose my path to one of empowering my inner world, and let the other rest.

I had to pause and wait for a new train to come...and my bags were packed and ready to go.  I am so glad I paused. It gave me just what I needed to continue the journey, stronger than before.

Don't give up hope for the integration of these two ideas, two beautiful worlds you desire to merge into one, or where you are now, and what you hope you can have in your life.
Right now, we need to expand ourselves inside. It's time to pull in, and build the inner mastery, take command of what you do have, and the rest will come soo

Monday, May 12, 2014


Each morning is like opening a door into a new scenario.

 For some, it is a different kind of garden each day, with unique flowers and tasks to carry out.

 Some days are rewarding, some days, there's a lot of unpleasant duties, weeding, and raking. Sometimes the garden has your favorite flowers and foliage, maybe they are utilitarian plants, useful plants such as your vegetable garden, other times, simply fragrant retreats.

For others, its the doorway into the battle room.  There will be optimistic meetings, enthusiastic game plans and much confidence felt that things are going your way..other days, you feel the enemy advancing, and need a new strategy.

If we look at the theme of each day, we can prepare better and meet the challenges, or allow the sweetness of victory sink in.

The new cycle is May 12 - 20 2014

The Theme for us this week is to  navigate through the minor upsets 

here and there to reach a goal on May 21-31 2014.

It is a wonderful goal and you deserve to have it!
It is  is worth staying on track with your day to day tests

in order to keep your vision  alive and strong.
Notice how Mars  since March,  has run us dry and pushed us into the mind too much.  

It would be good to move your attention into a  deeper altered consciousness for a moment.
All I need to do when I realize I've been too outer focused,
is allow music to come into my world. It takes me
 into a more expansive feeling and perspective.

Ideas for consciousness expansion....
Your most favorite musical piece, a beautiful walk in the forests
or near the refreshing water, a moving book or movie.
Allow something to take you into the heart where multi-dimensions exist.....
let it pour into you  bringing a depth of variety and a retreat from the day
 giving you a sweet reprieve.

So, with that in mind,  allowing a spiritual quickening to come into us,

 let's take a moment to tune into your Goal.  Something you really desire
to have at the end of this May.   It doesn't have to be a big goal,
 just something you would like to get done.
Let's pick one big one, then pick two more minor goals.
 It's important right now to keep it simple. 

" My Goal is to accomplish :
  and Is complete by May 31 and I Am Grateful! Satisfied! Relieved! this goal is reached!"

Each day this week is an open door to walk through and set your day....
each day is bringing you  a step closer to your plan.
What do you want to make happen this month?
There are positive and challenging astrology cycles
that either help you  progress or test you through disruptions
 So the astrology sometimes helps us stay focused.
Let's go through the days  up through May 20 for a start.

1. Mercury in Gemini trine Mars in Libra ...May 12, and 14th

Express yourself, talk something out with another, listen and learn,
 feel the flow of positive sharing and planning which is very good now.
 Writing, communication, easy flow of ideas back and forth
 help you to feel some good ideas are formulating, or some progress is being made in your day.

2.  May 14-31  peaking on May 16 and May 29th.   Mercury sextile Venus 

Both of these Mercury transits are harmonious for relationships. 
You are getting clear on how to plan a project,
talk to a person, move forward on a goal, settle a confusion.
 Someone may want to control the situation and is projecting some confusion,
 creating interference with your clear path,
 They might even take over the plan or override your agenda.
 This new cycle helps you to move right through this interference,
by getting it all out in the open with a good spirit and desire to share,
 plan together and talk it out so there is more harmony and cooperation.

 The goal is to move forward on your plans, your ideas of how you would like your week,
month, summer to proceed.
 But! expect a person to begin taking over and attempt to overriding things in some way.

Don't be thrown and think you now have to yield to this other situation and agenda.
 Realize you may have a good plan, but there is an added complication to the mix now.
 Simply keep the big goal in mind, and be determined to somehow reach it.

 Don't allow this other agenda from left field pull you off track or
expect you to put out and accommodate  their needs completely.  

Just agree to talk it out and even negotiate a modified game plan,
 but I wouldn't put too much value upon this other person's strong pressure
 to have everything now move to fulfill their needs.
 Keep your plan going if possible, and watch and wait to see if this other situation
will really pan out..it might not.
and, it probably won't, really, because of...

3.  Mars Inconjunct Neptune 

May 14-May 20 theme period..(not ever exactly peaking which causes it to become a sort of background music inserting itself  throughout  May.)

This is the new confusion trying to enter into our game plan. 
It is a bunch of ideas, insights, talking, sharing and slightly emotional
neediness inserted it into your head from an outside situation......it speaks clearly and somewhat loudly  so you are having a hard time ignoring it.  This is why we need
the previous Mercury sextile Venus transit above,
 to help us stay clear, pleasant, articulate.
Keep discussing and repeating what we want and the logistics
 of a situation, rather than bend to someone elses' impulses or wishful thinking.
  The Mars inconjunct Neptune is mild, but it's energy is in the air all May, especially
 around May 11 through 20.  It tends to diffuse, confuse and interfere
 with the normal clarity and focus one needs to get something done.

4.Venus Square Pluto.   May 14-peaks exact May 15, leaves after May 16.
A conflict of different Values with another.

 Social situations,  casual or serious meetings and the expectations
 you have from others during these dates could end in disappointments.
There could be conflicts with expenses, staying in a budget and money issues.
 Time to be frugal, restrain from buying too much

It's good to not make financial commitments now.
Trouble with relationships during these three days.
Old deep wounds surface in another or in yourself.
 It feels as if its your view against their view and no one wants to yield.
It would be like two people coming from two foreign countries with different cultures, languages and definitions of what love, satisfaction and being cared for meant to them, trying to bond.

Someone has to be the adult.  Rise above this tangle
 and decide to hold the balance for the other person.
 And why do you need to go through this anyway?  Because I suspect
 there is something you want to achieve and this person
 just might be the one who has now inserted their
 agenda or expectations into what was originally the good plan you had.

Posturing for Control, competitiveness, disagreements and friction. 

Problems for artists, designers, musicians, love,  and agreeing upon anything. 
Stay cool and calm, let these days go by without
 getting disappointed in someone else's insensitivity.

RE-CAP:  In general, we have a good period from May 12 - May 20
 to make yourself really clear in a most diplomatic compassionate way,
how you want to proceed with an important plan or idea
 and how to look at your goals, and stay on track.

Then we have a new situation or person that adds a bit of interference into this clear plan.
But because  of the Mercury sextile, it can be worked through 
this May successfully.   It isn't the end of the world if there is a glitch or two.

With the entering into the scene of Venus square,
 it gets personal, rough, competitive, and hurt feelings could come up.
 Relationships could even break off, or you feel like throwing in the towel
 and deciding this isn't worth all the effort you're putting into these goals,
because of others' personalities entering in.  Don't let this stop you!
 This is problematic perspective is May 15 especially.

5.  Mercury inconjunct Pluto on May 16-May 17
Here is where we just stop explaining and discussing for a day, our position.
  It is time to just focus on your own projects, your own work and take care of yourself
 ...don't try to talk someone into anything.
.If you have bills due, something you owe, a service to get out of the way,
 or an overdue responsibility towards another, get it done before this date, before May 16.
  Fines, payments, bills, licenses renewed, obligations to handle,
 get it over with before the 16th if you can.  

6.  Venus conjoin Uranus May 15, 16, 17

Excellent time for music, art, movies,  love, a party, a dinner, an unusual breakthrough,
 a meeting with someone.  It can all be so magical now.

7.  Mercury sextile Uranus
This period is so good for learning something new.
Incorporating a new style, introducing a new concept, using a new color,
a new template, writing a new twist into your story, a program, a system,
a piece of music, or inspired to create or paint, design something originally fantastic.

Your mind is open to exciting new ideas.
 Are you incorporating a new style into your projects?  Into your writing?
 Energy is at your disposal. Spiritually, this is an opening to a higher reality

 and receiving insights how to progress into a better way of creating something wonderful.
Close your eyes and call down a brilliant higher light into your physical surroundings and your life today.

8.  May 18-20 Peaking on May 19.  Venus square Jupiter

Whoa!  Don't promise too much to another now... or simply take someone at their word. 
They may mean well, but are not being realistic.

 It is a fun open hearted expansive day, but if you need to have things solid
 and work for you in the future.  Take this day with a grain of salt. Stay away from overdoing anything.

9.  Mercury inconjunct Saturn.  May 18, 19, 20
In general we are still in a good cycle for good will and harmonious.... talking sharing and planning, but these days 18, 19 especially can be a bit frustrating
with keeping appointments straight, dealing with surprises with all correspondence,
emails communications, bills, problem with cars,
 quick errands, quick traveling, making plans and a general disconnect with the day.
 Don't sign anything on these days or close on property if you can.

10.  Venus inconjunct Saturn        May 19, 20, 21

 Hurt feelings?  Insensitive situations? Disappointments with sharing,
loving, giving, receiving, food, music, gifts, dates,  pleasing or being pleased,
fairness? .....let it go. It's just a transit for a day.

11.  Jupiter trine Saturn  (more on this cycle later)  Begins May 29 2014  

Expansive optimistic attitude, and much progress can now be made.
Good fortune with life moving smoothly in the ways that matters to you.

Success with some projects...reaching unified plans,
 agreements good, business is promising and positive..
Whatever you set out to accomplish in the beginning of the month,
has been reached with some success. Stay the course! You're doing great!
  Much of the happy times with this Jupiter/Saturn cycle depends upon how these planets affect your own personal chart...
..but in general this Jupiter trine Saturn is the beginning of a better outlook on your life.
More about this at the end of the Month!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Fire in your Heart-Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra- Mars inconjunct the Solar Eclipse- Transit cycles for May 2014.

 (This is a bit of a multi-faceted blog post and I might just upload it in sections, part 1, 2, etc...)
  Can you stop for a moment and assess how you are doing inside?
When you do, if it is good, are you grateful and take note of it, and if it is not good, don't you want to change it for a better stronger state of being?

For a moment this morning, I paid attention to this impulse to push away murkiness, something interfering with my mental clarity. my mood.

I remembered, the antidote:
Call for the fire to ignite my heart, and infuse it with inspiration.

Etheric fire is needed in my mind, aura, my body and my heart, in order to rise above this mundane, and this insidious projection upon me to let go and yield to inertia.

You all might have different versions of this apathy, but anyway, that has been mine, since Mars moved into this sign.
The antidote of electric charge of light needs to come down into this dimension once every 24 hours,  first thing in the early morning.

What do I do to ignite that fire? 

I close my eyes and implore it to take charge, prioritize my activities, cut me free from scattered thinking and infuse me with its Fire.
It works for me every time, the key is remembering to do it!
 I then write down the priorities. 

 I can be quite surprised what ends up at the top of my new list.  
The next part is so important in order to keep that fire moving through the aura and the chakras, which is, to get up and do the first thing on the list. Just get up and do it! We might be needing a bit more motivation to push us all the way through July 25.

Mars in Libra  
Entire cycle:  January through July 25 2014
Retrograde Mar 1 2014-Direct May 19, continues up through July 25 2014.

 It wasn't until the end of March, first part of April I understood what Mars  was doing, and thus explaining the reason I didn't write anything about it, nor the Grand Cross Episode.

It first began as a diffusion of interests, and the temptation to get caught up in some form of illusion and nonchalance about things, as described above.

Once that was overcome, and I kicked back into gear again, a new motivation came over me to draw a boundary line between the things that are hindering progress in my life, and my future path I desired to walk.
 Something reacted. 

Some kind of energy, some kind of consciousness didn't like it, and began to work through a variety of situations  or people, to confront my right to declare what I knew was right for myself.. 

As more and more clients began writing in and telling me their similar stories of the New Theme, I realized Mars was attempting to keep us imprisoned somehow, and settle...sink into apathy and accept compromise.  But instead, we had to fight against it and declare our new freedom.   The Positive nature of Libra would be non compromise based upon an honest perception.

 If there were relationships involved, of any kind, usually professional, the other side was stressed over the boundary in our decisions.

Libra, like all signs have positives and negatives. The positive is ultra cooperation with others, caring for the others needs,
living in truth and reality, and creating peace.  The negative, feeling guilty for saying no, and feeling pressured to care more about the other person or situation, than your own.

 When it is in a global astrological cycle, such as now, January through July 25, it will test all of us on the negatives first, and then we can rise above these, then can the peace come.

The one negative I want to touch upon with this Libra Mars is the projection upon yourself of an unreality, illusion and deception ...in other words, your thinking is being manipulated.
As I mentioned, some clients and friends have been describing to me in these past three weeks, altercations between someone they care about who is frustrated, upset,  projecting an energy against my friends or clients in one way or another, because of an injustice and panic they are in, regarding the new found boundaries these people are establishing. 
 The common theme is also, declaring a strong right to be doing what they are doing to move forward in progress with their lives.
Some are not very happy about this at this time.

Could we remember in challenging murky days when we feel overcome by something that is compromising us,
 to stop and pause, take note of what is not working for us,
and actually shift into an idea, that we are being projected upon by something illusionary.

 The projection is limiting,  holding us into accepting a compromising sabotaging condition in our life,  that our mind thinks is true and accepts as the only way to live,  but it is not.
  ( I have even been considering the possibility, that this projection is not even coming from people, but something outside of our realm of understanding, if seems like a sort of mind control)

Break through the illusion. Say to yourself, " this is a test of my imagination and my will to be resourceful right now, and find the way to shift out of this negative way of seeing something".  
In the movie Divergent,  Trish mentally maneuvers her way out of scenarios set up in her mind  to test her. 
They want to see how she will get out of her worst fears.  Each time she remembered in these extremely realistic illusions, " This isn't Real", and created a way out, and comes out of trance.

Mars in Libra is an hallucination, a mind game, to project a lie upon us to cave in, and compromise somehow, or be intimidated by another and allow them to win, again.

1. A lie of limitation and polarization between you and others you counted upon.
2. An injustice projected upon us that we are somehow unfairly accomplishing something, reaching for something, or have achieved a thing that someone else declares is unfair, and they want part of it or should have done it instead of you.  
This has happened mainly between March 15 through April 30 2014, and is usually triggered by someone distressed you have said no to them, are becoming free from them, or drawn a boundary and said " NO".

3.  A separation between those who have worked towards conquering illusions for the most part, and those who did not want to work that hard at breaking through the paper bags, but pulled on others to do it for them.

4. Global declaration of war, intrusion, take over or to take possession of something desperately out of fear of the future without it. The fear that unless this country, organization, group or person grab this or that thing, kind of like justifying stealing, it  will be totally unable to acquire its agenda.  Libra perversion is War, organized crime, and self deception of entitlement.  The Highest is Justice, Truth, Peace Cooperation and Good will in Relationships.

5.  Fuzzy dispersed perspective, vision, lack of ability to concentrate and feeling an intrusion upon ones' normal mental faculties and especially fatigue, lethargy, laziness and apathy. Becoming overcome by the projection upon you.

Affirmation to disperse and obliterate these negatives:

" I AM Declaring right now, the full mental, emotional and heartfelt clarity and empowerment within me Now. I Am clear on my day's priorities and move myself into action to take that first step towards:
Peaceful relationships,
Extending Love, Help, Kindness and Support.
I give my friends the benefit of the doubt.
I draw my line of boundaries but also extend good will to all.
I Am Empowered with Mental Quickness and Agility. My Memory is clear,
and I accomplish much in my day.  I thank you and accept this done, Amen!"

( I like to finish my affirmations with Amen, because it is a sealing to protect it, and make sure it is manifest.)

Mars at 10-8* Libra inconjunct the Solar Eclipse at 8* Taurus
April 10 through May 10, peaking  April 20-30 2014

This has been building since the beginning of April 2014.
There has been much polarization, separation, arguing or confrontation upon this or that, and we need to stop it.

It has also, as I wrote above, a theme called " the haves and have nots"
Those that appear to have more or have accomplished something, are being attacked by those who have not, but maybe could have achieved but didn't.

Boundaries play a part in this transit of Mars inconjunct Taurus, because Taurus rules possessing something of value you have worked hard to achieve.  Mars in Libra wants it, and feels it is unfair the other person has it.

Reminder of Uranus Square Pluto

Tense confrontational energy on the planet and personally handling stress
Uranus square Pluto    
 June 2013;
May 2013- June 2013
Oct 2013-Nov 2013
April 2014- May 8 2014
November 23  2014- April 7 2015

Pluto square Mars
Dec 30 2013 ( Mars in Libra)
April 20-26    ( Mars in Libra) 
Dec 4-12 2015 ( Mars in Aries)

Mars square Jupiter in Cancer                        
Dec 31 2013-Jan 8 2014
April 20-24 2014

Uranus square Jupiter 
Aug 2013
Feb 2014 ( 2-28 - ( 4- 20)
Leaves May 1 2014

Uranus oppose Mars in Libra
Dec 25 2013
April 20-26 2014
Jun 10-27 2014

The predominate theme I found during this grand cross 
especially peaking between April 20-May 1 2014,
was an attack upon people of good heart, great light, and have
been holding fast to their loving humanitarian principles, and are striving
towards freedom.'
For years they have been working towards freedom.
They have been striving towards a  powerful acceleration out of
being tricked or manipulated to accept inharmony and oppression in several ways.
Oppression and illusions which have been unfairly  manipulatively projected upon them.
This Grand Cross symbolized the moment when you desired to get out of it, and saw
the retaliation.

We were under attack.

The Solar Eclipse has come inspiring the breakout from this oppression.

The pressure and realization one had to break out, was because
the opposition realized during March 20 through May 1, it was losing its grip,
and its slaves were escaping secretly right from under their noses.

Thus the Grand Cross, inspired us into a powerful acceleration into
one's higher self, reality and freedom.

Also, simultaneously, an attempt to retaliate and to reign in the escapees was also seen in the abuse of the power cross ( cardinal signs)
It was both at the same time.
A grand cross like this, can create  physical display of abuse of power put upon those who are taking a stand, just going about their business moving towards progress.
Someone didn't like it.

Don't be caught up in another's drama and complaining and accusation during these dates.
If your intuition tells you to accelerate in light and move away from density, then
find the most civil way to honor that and take your power back.

Part Two 

May 1-4

Transiting Mercury oppose Saturn and other cycles

Here is a week to push back negative oppressive thinking.  Kick out feeling stuck!

Create, use music, get outside, talk things out in constructive solution ways, not  complaining ways.

Not a good time to sign papers, or contracts in general, or hold serious business meetings. 
If you have the meetings or the talks with that important person, have the mind set
that there could be limitations within the other person, they are overwhelmed with, and help
them overcome them, mentally.
Go have fun, and override this silly transit.

May 7-19 2014 

Mars stationary direct May 19 2014 and sextile Neptune at 7* Pisces
( Goes all the way to the end of May)

A lovely conclusion to a hard spring.  Harmony, compassion, agreements and cooperation 
now take over. There is good will, and best time to come together and find a new way to
It is a smoothing out of issues from the past.
Financial arrangements are made and new business and money goals are set.

Health improves, empowerment of energy, physical exercise, good for artists, dancers,
legal issues and  anything requiring physical activity.

Mercury Retrograde  June 7 2014  ( Begins to impact our lives, May 1 2014)

This Mercury Retrograde is at 3* Cancer.  Where it is in your birth chart this time, will indicate where you need to feel secure and safe. It will be where your new decisions to create security are.

 Mercury retrograde will sesquiquadrate Saturn. 
This can be called the Mercury Retrograde theme, from May 1, especially as it gets closer, from May 20 through June 11, peaking by June 7 2014.

It is a theme of the need to maintain harmony and a peaceful presence, focus upon the area of your life, that mercury resides in at this time, ( dates above), and maintain this concentration in the midst of an irritating situation. Resist getting caught up in the other irritating and unfortunate situation emotionally.  Help, if you like, send love, give of yourself, but do not compromise the Mercury's new position, what house it is in, and what that means for you.

If you do not know your houses, get your forecast done!  or just concentrate on your knowing....your intuition, of what is important to accomplish now, and put more of your day's energy into that, than the other situation that is complicated.  This is considered a mild aspect, the sesquiquadrate  ( 135 degree angle between Mercury and Saturn) however, I suspect it will be a bother.  It should be settled by July 2 2014, when Mercury goes direct at 24 * Gemini.

It will then trine the Node in Libra, and bring happy content resolution and love between the two situations! It will feel logical and no one giving up something to make it work.

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