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Scorpio 2012

Scorpio -2012

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012
The Eighth Sign- Scorpio   Key for 2012     With Sharpened Vision  Observing the World, The Poisonous Matrix is Replaced with the New Matrix   The Eye of the Soul has Power to Bless and Heal

It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognize, out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which vital. Otherwise your energy and attention must be dissipated instead of being concentrated.
Sherlock Holmes     The Reigate Puzzle

Scorpio, you have a few years ahead  of you, beginning 2010 on, that will definitely keep you on your toes.-
Lets jump into these cycles and begin exploring the layers of activities presenting themselves to you during this time.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Scorpio

Pluto is in a sextile angle to your Scorpio Sun.  The affect is subtle.  It might not be evident at first, but if you think about it for a while, you will discover, and very informative person has been or will be coming to your aid to support you during this period,  You may have a situation that demands help, expertise, tools and advice that you might not be able to pull out of yourself, as resourceful as you are!  This person provides an increase sharpness in your awareness, intelligence and mostly powers of observation.

This advice will come every time the peak is in one of those weeks long  periods. But in general, simply take it in all year and be grateful for this help and support, because it most likely is for not only to solve your problem right now, this year or two, but, will validate and support your own practice, confirm your insights, your intuition... You can use this helpfulness for years to come in many areas as people need it from you.  So, what might appear as an insignificant support, as the years go by, more and more will you look back and utilize not only the information they gave you, but possibly tell others how to proceed in a similar situation.
Here are the dates:

Scorpios born Oct 23 through 29,    2009-2011 was your period of helpful advise and support. ( this doesn't mean there won't be anymore!)
Scorpios Born  October 29-November 1,   The support is during end of December 2011 through December 2013.

Scorpios born after November 1, will receive this help from 2014 on...

Neptune in Scorpio trine Sun in Scorpio

This beautiful cycle gives oil to the gears, a balm to the worn soul and usually,
one very nice gift you deserve to take in and use to help you feel uplifted
and restore hope if it has been damaged. Something you have been wanting for
a very long time, but have not been able to manifest it.  Intuition, dreams, premonitions and visions are flowing in some way during this period.  Your gut instincts are strong, and the Universe is guiding you here and there at the right place at the right time to manifest something, meet someone, learn something or heal situations that no one can do but you.

 For an entire year, a softness and grace can subtly be released into your
everyday life. It is almost unnoticeable, except for the evidence
of something new developing all around you  that seems to
come from nowhere.  It is helping you now, feel you are loved and not alone.  Romance,
Trust is healed where it had been broken, passion restored where it may have been crushed,  bonds and commitments naturally occur for mutual projects, love or business. There can be
activities that help you to escape a little bit and treat yourself and others to deep interesting conversations, music, art, get together or projects.
The dates are here:
If you are a Scorpio born on October 23 to 26, you have
Neptune Trine Sun on April 28 2011-March 24 2013.
( Scorpios born on October 23, have a wonderful peak of this
cycle on October 1 through December 15 2012.)

 If you are a Scorpio born on October 26 -28, you have Neptune Trine Sun
on May/June 2012, and February 26 2013 through all of 2013.
For those born after October 26 you It will occur from
 2014 and beyond.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio conjoin Sun in Scorpio 

October 20 through December 2012, peaking exactly November 13, 2012  Effects last five months.

 For all Scorpios born between November 10-15,
 The Solar Eclipse will especially hover over your Sun in Scorpio,( i.e. you)  radiating a mission, an assignment pressing upon you to engage and commit. It  will direct you so powerfully, there is no way you can avoid it, and not only will you feel compelled to do something about a situation, its as if super normal insight suddenly assists you in penetrating to the cause of a long term situation that only now you understand what has to be done.

 For all other Scorpios, a similar guidance will occur for you, but in a more mild way. You will also receive an increase of vision and "knowing" about anything you spend enough time observing.  This solar return  will demand action and could be anything from ripping out an old kitchen to a serious but confident pressure to negotiate a new merger or sign a contract with the client or professional team from heaven. Sometimes there is also a probing, a research that is necessary to scope out a suspicion.
 Usually right before the date of the Eclipse, we hesitate for weeks to take action, knowing we have to make the move, but the timing is right around November 5 through 15th when you could find yourself jumping into this activity.   Your Vision is clear, your tenacity can heal this situation.

North Node conjoins Scorpio Sun 

Beginning August 30 2012 throughout 2013, into the first few months of 2014, the Transiting North Node will be in the Sign of Scorpio. 

This aspect simply enhances your life by bringing a lot of attention your way over something that is happening in your world others find very nice or fascinating!  It is a very good time to write your thesis, your book or articles, or simply get extra help and support for so many things you want to clear out of the way. 
It is good for healing and releasing emotional physical toxins and healing relationships.  Someone may need money or things to get them through the year.

There could be an intense desire to get to the root of problems and begin a new period with yourself or together with a loved one to take each piece of a problem and begin addressing it bit by bit until it is completely finished and perfectly done to your satisfaction!

It's okay to spend time alone also, and tune into a higher wisdom and see what is needed or see clearly what could be a possibility that needs your energy put into it, to either enhance and protect it, or clear it away and somehow prevent it, through prayer, affirmations, or simply taking some kind of action.
All Scorpios should be experiencing a step up of this intuition from the end of August up to  the beginning of 2014.   Since the Nodes travel retrograde, (backwards), from 29* Scorpio up to 0* Scorpio, the ones born on November 14 -21, will be engaged in this cycle very strongly first.

(More later on this as we enter 2013...)

Jupiter in Gemini inconjunct Scorpio Sun

From June 6 to December 30, for those Scorpios born mostly between October 23 to November 8,  there will be unexpected change of plans during the dates above. There will be obligations to spend money you didn't expect to spend, help people that were not in need of help prior to these dates, projects you had no plans to begin and some personal sacrifices (driving, traveling, accomodating)  requiring you to yield  to someone elses' needs.     At the last minute, off and on throughout this year, interferences to your plans really test your flexability.

Uranus in Aries inconjunct Scorpio Sun

Similar to the Jupiter inconjunct Sun, the Uranus is also requiring an adjustment of your time, focus  and projects, but this one has a very good ending  and only until you get to the end can you see how much you have learned and changed to adjust to a new situation.  At the end of the transit, it's as if a light bulb suddenly comes on, and you get it!  You see and know what you have been working towards comprehending and trying to create all this time. 

Be prepared for a little struggle getting used to a new study, subject, learning curve, technology, job, position, person, and here during these dates:
Scorpios born between October 23 -30th, this occurs during Last May 2011 through April 2013.   For those Scorpios born November 1 - 5, April 2013 through march 2014 is your cycle and all Scorpios born after November 5, well, you'll have to wait until your cycle comes around beginning spring of 2014 on through 2019-20, which will be revealed in later articles.

This inconjunct can also be a mix up of instructions.  Be clear in what it is you are expecting from another, or what they really are expecting from you. 
Try to investigate further into an issue, that you suspect has been glossed over.  It could lead to the  November confrontation date of finally realizing there is a new situation requiring you and others to stop moving forward  on something, and put most of your attention upon the newly discovered piece of information, or activity that needs attention now.
Re-doing something, or moving forward throughout this cycle, but something just isn't working or clear will be discovered in the Oct/November period, then it might take that 9 months out to straighten it out now you have the entire picture.

Saturn in Scorpio conjoin Sun in Scorpio

 October 5 2012 to February 17 2013
For Scorpios born between October 23 through November 4, Saturn moves over your Sun Sign. This time is challenging and demanding your fulltime energy and attention to get something done properly.
Whether it is at work, home, money or the task of personal relationships, it will require patience and energy to get through this period.

Saturn is a planet that makes us work at a situation that can no longer be avoided into view to finally be dealt with.  Depending on where your Sun is in your chart, will determine what the situation is about.  If you already know what this could be, and it is something that needs to get settled, it would be a good idea to do it way before October, if possible..  New information comes your way so you can see all the issues right in front of your nose.  Don't be surprised if this issue takes you all the way to September 2013 to finally be done. It is about a 9 month process you are entering into.  And as in your normal Scorpio manner, the activity is complex.  It is not black and white.  There are pieces and processes, and issues that need attention.   There is an interesting quality in Scorpios when they put their mind to something. It is as if they almost spiritually enjoy the complexity of a process of resolving something.  Unlike the Aries that just wants to get to the end and tries to find the fastest way to expedite the process,  or Taurus, that just wants to engineer it, and reach the goal, the Scorpio is aware of the vision of the goal, but realizes he needs to infuse almost every step and process with an alchemical power, and sit with each phase or level for a while and will not hurry the process.  This is why they make such great healers, investigators and artists.

Mars in Scorpio conjoins Sun in Scorpio 

 August 24 through October 7, Mars will travel through the Sign of Scorpio.

Here are the dates it will conjoin or impact your own Sun sign energizing you to get moving on something worth your while!
  1. Birthdate                                               Mars conjoin your Sun Dates
  2. Scorpios Born between Oct 23 - 28     August 20-31 Mars activates you
  3. Scorpios born Oct 28-30                     Aug 29-Sept 5 2012
  4. Scorpios born    Nov 1-5                     Sept 3-11
  5. Scorpios born Nov 5-10                      Sept 09-20
  6. Scorpios born 10-16                            Sept 18-29
  7. Scorpios born 16-21                            Sept 26-Oct 7

It's nice to know when Mars is moving over a planet in our chart, especially our Sun Sign, and it gives us a little boost for the week it is happening.  Normally, it isn't much to talk about, except this time, there are 4 events in Scorpio, so we do need to put a bit more emphasis into this than we would  normally....the Mars in Scorpio, Eclipse in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and Saturn in Scorpio.   The Eclipse and the Mercury Retrograde  in Scorpio actually tie your activity into world events at the same time you are handling your situation.  It is almost as if how constructive and thorough you manage your situation is helping events in other parts of the world become managed brilliantly at the same time.  You might even wonder about this as you watch the news during this Sept through November cycle and ponder the synchronicity.   You may be one of those kind that has this happen frequently, and ponder, how can this be?  It must be just a coincidence.

Mercury Retrograde conjoins Scorpio Sun
Mercury will go retrograde at November 6 through 28, from 4 degrees Sagittarius to 18* Scorpio.  
It will conjoin your Sun if you were born between November 10 through 21st.  It will be the most obvious to you between October 20 through November 28.
Mercury always acts like an invisible guide transmitting a constant suggestion into your mind that will really help you concentrate on something important.  So far most people I mention this phenomenon to, gets it.  They can identify right around a cycle, an important message given to them.  With a conjunction in Scorpio it is to see something or discover a book, a piece of unusual information that you will need to incorporate into your daily life. It will be important.  With this new plan, this new book or paper, or information, you can understand better what action is needed to adjust or handle something.   Don't worry, it will come to you and make the difference.
In addition to the above events, it is important for you Scorpois, to get a lot of rest, fresh air, movement, good food and stay healthy, emotionally, mentally and physically.  With all these events happening in your own Sun Sign, physical or mental jittery or stressful conditions could aggravate skin, immune system, liver, intestines and general overall sense of wellbeing compromised.  Its because of the internalization mostly of the projects and situations you must handle now.  However, your vision and spiritual intuition is increasing and you will move through this year feeling connected and attuned to an inner sense, helping others and self by deep vision and analysis, which others may marvel at now.  Have an eventful time putting the puzzle together, and coming out of this year, with an " I told you !".

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