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Cancer - 2012

Cancer -2012

You are the True Stars on Earth~By each act of courage you take,
the battle is being won, heart by heart. And there is a battle going
on, in places deep and hiding, and up above in the sky, more than
anyone even could know.
This is the end of a long long cycle of returning again and again
to impregnate Light and Goodness, Divinity and Purpose into the
very ether of Earth. It penetrates into the Atmosphere, the Soil,
the Rock and Waters. It creates a new world piece by piece and
the darkness slips away into the shadows, one by one, by one
by one until not one is left to ruin anything, anymore.
As we move into the 2012 drama, every day will count.
Every thought, emotion, action and non action.
Remember, each morning upon opening your eyes, for a split second,
a pure Idea and impulse pierces through your mind. It seems to be
an isolated independent thought which inserted itself into your mind
If you could make the effort and write it down, honor it, decide to act
on it, your entire day can change into a meaningful mission rather
than a mechanical existence. One day at a time, the victory is won.

Akhenaten and Family  The Campaign to construct a family community, of Family, of abundance, beauty, art and the prosperity of the Cancer Focus of the White Ray of Earth

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012

Fourth Sign-Cancer Key for 2012 Personal Survival Evolves ~ Expanding One's Influence of Security and Comfort towards Those in Need-Family is Precious

Cancer : Life might  appear unsettling for you during these times,
but never fear, you will position yourself from 2012 on, to be the one
others come to, for a balm of comfort, to remember the feelings of home,
the welcome mat to your heart.  You bring to each person you care for
an offering of good cheer and familiarity of surroundings.
The familiarity of surroundings might not be physical, but just by being in your presence,
they are taken back to a time
that felt like home, where life was more simple, easier,
happy and secure. You carry this inside of you, like the crustaceans
who carry their home on their backs.
Your family, whether they are your flesh and blood, or your family of friends,
are going to begin playing a precious role in your life, from this 2012 on into many years ahead now.

With 3 planets from 2012 on, making challenges to your Sun Sign,
the challenge will be for you to move forward with strength
within your emotions and  feelings. This is not a time to collapse
under the weight of life's pressures now.
You've got to hang on up through October 6 2012, and stay healthy and confident.
You can do this. You can get through this year and the next, until you
have made it to your goals, to feel that stability and happiness
Cancers so long for. Here is a road map for this time:

1. Saturn in Libra-up through October 6 2012

All Cancers born at any time, have been under a pressure to keep
their spirits up, their money coming in, and their family protected and happy.
This is because Saturn has been in square to your Sun Sign since
December 2010 up through October 6 2012. This aspect in general
creates stress.  It is usually in the form of not getting ones emotional needs met.

People you are tied to are either burdoned, preoccupied, or withholding to you
for some reason.

For those Cancers born between July 14 -21, you are in your final
period of challenges with this issue up until October 6 2012.
For you, a strange person and situation who seems to have a
selfish ulterior motive, that was not obvious to you prior to the
winter of 2011 appears to be against you.  Try not to take
it Personally, but understand they have a deep need to do what
they are doing, but it is possibly at your own expense.
This cycle is a returning of personal karma from some other time, but it is also a time of being
on guard and if possible, remove yourself from that persons' presence if possible,
in order to look out for yourself.

 Again, for all Cancers, this may have been going on since December
2010, up until October 6 2012.

This person could be a boss, a relative, someone who has
been close. But for now, maybe a break or rest in the relationship is
needed. If work related, some of you could feel so devastated by the
ill treatment against you, you might be looking for a job somewhere
else, to get away from the difficult personality that seems to have
absolutely no concern for your welfare. Know this will pass soon,
and you will be all entering into a new period of empowerment called:

2. Saturn Trine Sun in Cancer

For those born between:

Jun 21 – Jun 24 Saturn Trines your Sun on October 6 – November 6 2012

June 25 through 30th – Saturn Trines your Sun on November 7 through January 6 2013; April 4 2013- September 30 2013.

( Cancers born from July 1 through 20th will receiive this cycle from October 2013 through 2014 but you can still feel the support and good fortune of this cycle mildly helping you, so please read on!)

 For you, an amazing internal strength, empowerment, confidence
and joy begins to re-arrange your decisions, your goals, and your life.
You now know what to do. You know what is right and wrong and
how you need to proceed to increase and secure your money, your
income. A plan could enter your feelings and mind regarding your
home and how you want it to feel and what you need now. Family
are important and either you or a family member or spouse, tells
you of a plan that seems to be the correct way to go. Have confidence
in this period now, because you are being guided to make much progress
to set your life in order and be safe. This is a special time for children
and babies. It is a special time to save money, to plan a business,
to buy or sell property.  It is also a creative period for all artists, chefs!
domestic products, land, agriculture, mining and businesses that
appeal to the public's need to feel good. This is a strong period to recover from the
hardships and emotional disappointments from the past tough years.

Your diet and food and body can be repaired, healed, improved,
and the most important event occurring with this cycle, is the boundaries
you place upon others, in order to recover your peace of mind, and express
a  clear message that you are changing inside, and desire to reach some
very important and worthwhile goals now. It is empowering for you during
these dates. You simply are obeying a sense, a feeling of what you now
need to do or where you need to be in the upcoming October 2012 through 2013.

 3. Transiting Uranus square Sun in Cancer

For those born between:

June 21 through 24, You have already gone through this period
explained below, during May 2011 through March 10 2012.

For Cancers born between
June 25 through 28 – you will experience this cycle on March 16 2012 –
through April 6 2013.

 For Cancers born from June 29 through July 20,
you will all experience this Uranus square from May 2013 ….
depending upon your birthday which will be updated as we enter 2013 and so on.

The way to walk through this cycle of Uranus square your Sun,
Is to realize you are in a sort of obstacle course off and on, in which you are required to keep
your eye on the goal in mind. The cycle of it's worst times,
will be different for every Cancer, because it changes with
the date of birth with all of you.  The goals  are worthy to achieve.
Do not give up! What is happening, is an exaggerated mess of disruptive
people and their agendas, their dramas or sudden unexpected and
unpredictable behaviors from people you would normally think
you could count upon, who normally come through for you, or at least behave themselves,
but NO. Not now. Expect the unexpected, and put on your emotional Armour. This is only
a test or classroom to exercise your determination to stay focused while a distraction is happehing, and 

to exercise the word " NO" or  "NOT NOW"  or how about "Go AWAY".

 4. Neptune trine Sun

This beautiful cycle gives oil to the gears, a balm to the worn soul and usually,
one very nice gift you deserve to take in and use to help you feel uplifted
and restore hope if it has been damaged. Something you have been wanting for
a very long time, but have not been able to manifest it.

 For an entire year, a softness and grace can subtly be released into your
everyday life. It is almost unnoticeable, except for the evidence
of something new developing all around you  that seems to
come from nowhere.  It is helping you now, feel you are loved and not alone.  Romance,
Love, Social events, involvment in media, television, photopgraphy, stage or film, or any
activity that feels like you are allowed to escape a little bit and treat yourself and others to fun.
The dates are here:
If you are a Cancer born on June 21 to 23, you have
Neptune Trine Sun on April 28 2011-Feb 13 2013.
( Cancers born on June 21, have a wonderful peak of this
cycle on October 1 through December 15 2012.)

 If you are a Cancer born on June 24 -26, you have Neptune Trine Sun
on February 14 2013 through all of 2013.

For those born after June 26, you must wait until you get into the years
of 2014 and beyond, which will be created in new articles over the coming years.

5. Pluto oppose Sun in Cancer

This cycle only occurs once in a lifetime if at all. Usually,
you can trace the beginnings of this even  1 to 2 years
before this cycle begins, which set things in motion.   It will not be an every
single day challenge, but off and on, putting you into a position
of having to really rally ones resourcefulness, ingenuity
and some help from others, to keep something in your life,
or someone dear to you, stable. If it is preserving your own sanity
and stability, you might have to say goodbye to someone.
It could be a separation that is beyond your control; no arguing,
pleading, or intelligent strategy can prevent it from happening.

 Is a loved one's security at stake?  Work very very hard at shielding
this person and keeping them safe and sane, because outer forces
of some kind are working against this person, and also dragging you into it.
At the end, a permanent change in their circumstances in life might occur
 regardless of your efforts, but your energy you put into this situation,
will help so much in softening this cycle, eliminating the worse case scenerios.
  Here are the dates:

Cancer born on June 21 through 23, December
2008 through December 2009 was your challenge. It will never occur again.

 Cancer born between June 24 through June 27,
your cycle was all 2011. It is over. Rejoice, and recuperate.

If born between June 28-29, It is occurring this year, between
December 1 2011 through December 2 2012.

 If born between June 30 – July 1, it is occurring between
February 1 2012 through October 2013.

For those born after July 2 – July 4, it is occurring between
March 1 2013 – February 2014 to October 2015.
We will cover more birth dates next year.

 I personally have not found any spiritual purpose for going through this cycle.
It is a time such as David challenging Goliath, and simply
could be for the judgment of those who have come against
you or those you love. Their judgment may not necessarily
occur during or shortly after you go through this cycle,
so don't expect some major satisfactory justice to occur.
There might be some battle wounds, and casualties.
The justice is God's, and could very well occur after the
individual or system leaves this world, and has a returning
karma at that point, or in the next lifetime. So, be unattached
and just pray for everyone's complete protection and security
even in the year or two before your active dates.  Don't be nervous, there are many
who receive this cycle, where it is simply an exaggerated period of being upset
with someone. And that is as far as it gets.
Anway,  I have stretched
the dates into 2015 for those born up to July 4 so you can Start a little bit of vigilance
of protecting those you love, and self in all ways you see fit.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

 In November 2012, Mercury will turn Retrograde at 29-18* Scorpio.
It is exactly November 13 through December 11 2012.  (Actually turns direct on
November 26 2012, but moves back to 29* Scorpio through December 11.)
For you Cancers, born between July 10 – 21, you will have a really
nice cycle during these dates as early as November 1 through December 15 2012.
You will feel a clarity of information, a sharpness and accuracy
of what to say to someone you care about, and lay down a plan of
strategy which you have every intention monitoring now.
Some kind of generosity, helpfulness and family oneness will occur
and it should give you a happy event, even for those receiving
that hard Pluto and Uranus cycle, ( born June 25 – 28, and June 30 – July 1)

Eclipse in Scorpio

An eclipse on November 13 2012 in the sign of Scorpio, at 21*,
will activate your emotions, your heart and your need to support friends,
family, in aquiring something of necessity which will give you a sense
of satisfaction that not only you did a good deed, but secured future survival,
safety and something creative for yourself and others to enjoy
and expand upon. it could be a trip, money, a present,
or simply the gift of your presence!   It should all fall into place quite nicely
and truly bring people around you closer together.


Transiting Nodes Trine and Sextile Cancer

From August 30 2012 through 2013, the transiting North Node will be in Scorpio.
It will make what we call a Trine  to your Sun Sign, bringing in
general 2 years or so, beginning summer of 2012, an undercurrent
of fruitfulness. It could be a time of babies, increasing money,
moving, re-modeling, family reunions, and emotional closeness.

Economy, joint finances, inheritances, investors and investing with
others involved, will be open and potentially good, if you do not
have one of the above negative aspects above. Even so, there
will seem as if an undercurrent of support is in your life advising
or covering you with support, money, help, advice during the
Nodes trine your Sun in Cancer.
Between July 4 through August 23 2012, Mars in the sign Libra,
will square your Sun in Cancer.
Stay calm! Some upsetting situations, could cause you to react in anger or worry.
Think about why. Is it because you are being faced with a situation
which is not going according to plan in your mind?    Let it go,
and just say to yourself, everything will work out, and situations
happen for a reason. I have no idea why this  thing has to happen now,
but I need to trust it will work out, and the Universe must know best.

 Mars in Scorpio

Between August 24 – October 7 2012, Mars will be in Scorpio

in a trine to your Sun. this action of Mars absolutely excitingly
energizes yourself. Positive action, goals, willingness to make plans with
family and friends are super good. Get togethers, planning,
physical involvement in activities which express much generosity from you to others,
and others towards you can put you in a very good mood.

It is a perfect time to have a party, a barbecue, weddings,
give, plan, share and feel a oneness with others. And!  a lot of laughter is in store during
this period where people tend to be ridiculously open and funny.
There is always some letting go of emotional old stuff too, or some things you
have been meaning to dump, clean out, throw away for some time.
Let the old stuff that has no purpose in your life anymore go now.
With the combination of the Transiting North Node in Scorpio,
the Solar Eclipse in November 2012 in Scorpio, and the Mars  in Scorpio,
all trine your Sun in Cancer, you are emotionally honest, productive,
loving, grateful and helpful in any way you can be and ready for new beginnings.

Mars in Sagittarius
October 7 through November 17 2012, Mars moves into Sagittarius
and inconjuncts your Sun.
It is in general, some frustrating and obligation of adjustment, shift,
situation you have to go through. Just walk through it, and get it out of the way.
Try to keep your harmony, Cancer, and don't go feeling sorry for yourself.
You know the Universal Law! If you allow yourself to drop down into
feeling angry, sorry for yourself, upset at how others are treating
you or being held back or forced to a respondibility when everyone
is out having fun, and dwelling on it for longer than 5 or 10 minutes, you are in
danger of more bad things happening to you right away. So detach
and simply adjust your attitude and way of looking at the situation.
If it is too hard, find someone to talk it out with, and have them help
you see the way out or a new way of perception. People will work with
you, just be persistant and speak up!

 Summary for 2012: 

  Stay focused this year, regardless of the numerous
unexpected situations that come up. Your emotions and your big heart
are a safe haven for those who deal with much anxiety and apprehension
about their own future.  If you see it this way, rather than you wishing others had it
together better, because you need them to be there for you, it will work out for everyone
so much nicer.
Simply by enjoying their presence, their visits, or their confidence in you,
you feel filled up with the richness of knowing you provided a warm
place for someone to know they are not alone in this world, because, this might not be for
some Cancers, an easy year.

Cancer, your warmth, is so rare on this Earth during these times.
Never hold it in, like the proverbial crab on the beach, as he hoards
all his little treasures he finds , out of fear some predator will scour up the limited resources
available to him...which is only an illusion of course.
Release your advice, your helpfulness,
and your things if need be, to allow the Light to take you into better riches
with even greater things to treasure!


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