Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aries - 2012 Forecast

     You are the True Stars on Earth~By each act of courage you take, the battle is being won, heart by heart.  And there is a battle going on, in places deep and hiding, and up above in the sky, more than anyone even could know.
This is the end of a long long cycle of returning again and again to impregnate Light and Goodness, Divinity and Purpose into the very ethers of Earth.  It penetrates into the Atmosphere, the Soil, the Rock and Waters.  It creates a new world piece by piece and the darkness slips away into the shadows, one by one, by one by one until not one is left to ruin anything, anymore.

As we move into the 2012 drama, every day will count. Every thought, emotion, action and non action.

Remember, each morning upon opening your eyes,  for a split second, a pure Idea and impulse pierces through your mind.  It seems to be an isolated independent thought which inserted itself into your mind  If you could make the effort and write it down, honor it, decide to act on it, your entire day can change into a meaningful mission rather than a mechanical existence. One day at a time, the victory is won.

Forecast for the 12 Zodiac Signs ~ Releasing the Fire of your True Inner Purpose through 2012

First Sign-Aries     Key for 2012   The Human Ego steps aside~  Inner Light of Love takes control.

Aries :   For you Aries, you are aware of two battles, the one in the world, and the one within yourself.   This is the time to draw your sword, and assume the warrior posture.   Your sparks are needed in 2012 to light a fire. People need your inspiration and clarity now to give them that one push into the right decision.  You never know the domino affect it will have, with that one heartfelt conviction.  It could change a world.

Others look to your fiery light for the right path to follow. They lean on the mind full of power and decisiveness seeing right from wrong.  The Glory of the Son can be embodied inside of you and the Feminine power of purity loves her family, Twin Flame and friends and through you as the Divine Woman  those who lean on your warmth and straightforwardness are at peace.

Saturn  in the sign of Libra continues to put pressure upon your Aries world splitting your time between self and the needs of those close to you.  Partners, children, friends, family need you and you are in a period of managing the lives of others. This may have been going on since the summer of 2010.
     Expect others to lean on you up through 2012, however, Pluto advances through the sign of Capricorn in square to Aries, causing friction and frustrations with someone you are trying to work with.    Could it be this very aspect that is exaggerating the worst of everyone? or are you at a place in your life where you are tired of opposition and petty interference?    Not only that, more and more life is showing you that your way of handling the increased responsibilities with expenses, family needs and keeping loved ones happy, is wearing you down.  Something has to change.

 Take back your Aries Ideals, and if you didn't know it already, Aries is the King or Queen of Idealism. You are the original White Knight, or Lady Guenevere.
Now,  do not just kick everyone to the wayside, please, if they are not catching up to speed with your new agendas, but create some rational and reasonable loving boundaries, and then be understanding and supportive with how quickly everyone can adjust to your new decisions to "take your life back" with good will and self respect.  You can do this without leaving others in the dust.

Idealism, realism, concentration upon the true self image can bring an inner radiance this year.
Ideals of how you use to see yourself, where you see yourself in life, what you want to be doing, your highest goals of happiness, contentment and security.  Getting control back over the areas of your life that matter is what brings you happiness.  Believing a bad situation can change!  Taking control in a positive sense is for the greatest good for self, to be true to self, and for the greatest good for all those who are with you.   You care about the best. You want the best. Whether it is professional changes which bring about more action and efficiency on the job, or in your personal life, feeling respected and validated  and being appreciated for your qualities and ideas.  Aries must express themselves through dynamic action or they become depressed and a bit destructive sometimes.

For those born between March 25 through the 30th, some interesting situations could occur which  motivate you to finally get out of the way of the bullies in your life. For some, you may have been the bully but, it all stops now.
Either way, this is one of the challenges this year....control or be controlled; and do we really want either one? Maybe there is a middle way?  Another approach?  Uranus in the sign of Aries is introducing a whole lot of different approaches to your usual reactions to others lately, and will continue for a few years out.

Inevitably in 2011 through 2013, deaths and closures of situations, relationships, mannerisms, or lifestyles will happen.  Let them go, and reflect now upon the future and how it is going to be healthier, even though it might not appear easy.

Uranus in the Sign of Aries is meant to excite and motivate and accelerate all Aries for the next few years. Please know that Uranus in your Sun sign right now,  is giving you clearer insight and ingenious ways to fulfill your goals and rise above the extreme ups and downs in your life.  It will cut you free from the oppression. Your vision is sharper, and you are changing.  You are bigger and better than your frustrating situations. Your very own identity is taking on a greater courage and trust in yourself, even though there would be those who can throw stones in your path.  You really are changing rapidly and those shadowy people and situations better get out of your way, or they'll be scorched this year in your fire.  Without this purification emanating from you, much compromise would still go on, undermining our way of life, in small and in enormous ways.

But Pluto in a 90* angle to Aries can create some complications to your life though.
Maybe it's a controlling boss, person, organization or department  blocking progress everywhere, and it just has to change or you feel it will be detrimental for everyone around this situation;  but it isn't easy, because someone won't relinquish their power!  
Maybe this or another situation is preventing you from truly being free or fixing it.  Aries was born to find a way to fix it. 

How did this situation happen?  It most likely snuck up on you  over the years in tiny little compromises.
From December 15 through March 2012, especially, try to find the way to either negotiate and come to an agreement to disagree, and if it is too stressful to remain in this incongruency just say to yourself, "It ends here, my new path and new Life  begins today!"  There could be a volatile situation with someone antsy to force a confrontation any way they can, so while it's dangerous, it might be a good idea to calm the situation down by diverting and distracting the hot energy from this person's fixation onto a smoother alternative that could appear more appealing to them for a while.  You might even prevent a war, you never know.
This pressure for you is because Mars In Virgo making an inconjunct to Aries and it is irritating this winter, all the way through the end of June 2012.    So, this will be the time frame to make the adjustments inside of your head to believe in a happier and more secure and harmonious way of life, in spite of the incongruencies, disconnects and awkward out of sync people appearing to distract you with this or that need.  You might be needed in the hostile situation, or need to be patient for the right timing through winter, but as you are handling the tension, all the while in your mind, you're dreaming of the near future departure from this problem once it gets settled down and things shift.
Is there a person appearing to project a demand or crisis upon you here and there? simply handle it, and find creative ways to make space for your own projects or concentration time or course of action, even though the other person is expecting another outcome.
  It's time to commit to a path that will help everyone feel they win, regardless of what drama is happening to them.
Can you rise up to your real self now, this winter into spring of 2012, and commit to your higher self, commit to a better self image?   Can you  remember of how you felt about your life many years ago, when more innocence and Idealism took hold of your dreams?  Hold onto that self image and those standards and lets take some practical action and decisions to believe in them no matter what your stress or circumstances, you can move upwards towards more joy, and those around you will follow.

From August 2012 through  Spring of 2013, new offers, friendships, solutions, opportune times for constructive negotiations, progress, present themselves to help you feel movement in many areas.
Take it easy though, all 2012, with your driving, your lifting, and your indulgences in all ways, as health and physical problems can intensify.
Odd rises in blood pressure, sugar levels, headaches and migraines, or kidney, stomach, or immune system weaknesses require some calming down and a series of methodical practical remedies to get back into balance again.   Just Take It Easy.  Pluto in capricorn stresses your Sun Sign, Mars is Inconjunct your Sun, and Uranus is in the same sign as your Sun, and, Saturn is in the opposite sign of your Sun for the most of 2012.  It is a dynamic time of new beginnings and change for many of you and I know much has been asked of you lately and will continue for a while, so stay safe.

Get in your heart, pay attention to the amazing Fire within your body to inspire you every day, and
be grateful for all those around you who love you and believe in you! 
Expect to be having a re-organizing of your life.  overcoming bad habits, letting go more of the human ego self, and thinking more of others and a better way to deal with life's problems.   Your emotional righteousness is making the difference.  Know that you count and the age of causes has never died.

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