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Sacred Treasures Preserved-New Moon in Libra September 27 2011

  September 27 2011

     The New Moon sets the tone for the next 28 day cycle.  The theme for this new period beginning September 27 is this:  It's time for us to make the decision to abandon the old way and embrace the new.
The old way would be anything that accommodates undesirable situations and talking oneself into thinking it is just way of life.  That includes the worlds' activities.

Take your life right now as you know it, and see before you all you know in your heart which would be the highest most beautiful path for you and your loved ones.  Hold onto this vision.
Now, reflect a moment on the state of your life with all its imperfections, unfinished tasks, untidy situations, and also the activities of the outer world and sky and earth.  Just for a moment, believe that your vision in your mind, your longing of your heart, your prayer and meditation and the conviction within your will merged with the divine will can come true now.  
And this higher will that only desires love to increase and perfection of vibration and purity to become higher and expand will merge with your most beautiful longing and can manifest it.  

This is the theme of the New Moon.  It is not an easy New Moon cycle because it is in hard aspects to Pluto and Uranus.  It is a  disruptive and severe New Moon configuration for September 2011. The Sun and Moon is in Libra.
  Libra is love, balance, peace, beauty, prosperity.  It is musical and  evolved refined graciousness, but Pluto threatens to destroy it, and Uranus' cataclysmic challenges opposes this beauty and peace.
 It involves Reality, and could represent a sudden yanking out of denial and laziness into the power of Libra as a cardinal sign, to action and preservation of all we love, within our hearts, or, in our outer world.
It does not have to be a big dramatic outer event but an inner event inside your private decision making world.  However, it could be.

All things true and Real from the Etheric Level's Perfection in frequency, love, education, light, Science, helpfulness, wealth, technology, and the people's right to truth are now to be demanded.
The Pluto in square to this  New Moon is the force that desires to manipulate this concept, to destroy it, or manipulate it, mechanize it.  Pluto square Sun and Moon in Libra attempts to numb people down and force them to accept a NON-CREATIVE, passive indifference to something entering our lives which is not right.  It may be more global than personal.
It doesn't want resistance.  Uranus forces cataclysmic events and shocking news to wake you up and cause you to DECIDE how your future is going to look.
The Pluto in our lives can also be our belief that we are so tangled up in our mess we can never fix it, therefore,
we must keep going into partial denial and cope with what we have, and fake or semi-fake our happiness and fudge here and there and tell ourselves its okay, because the higher way or truthful way is too hard.

Hogwash.  Uranus comes in an opposition to this New Moon and says "What is that to thee, follow thou me!"   Come up higher, believe you can change everything you don't like!  And do it with love, accountability, cautiousness, carefulness, and of all things practicing methodical planning and the care one takes in moving forward with new action, new reality, new faith, and new belief in your goal for a more conscious life.

It awakens and challenges and exposes and says  "Listen, hold on because I'm about to expose to you the most bizarre, controversial and unconventional truth around you and you need to know it, because you are brave and if you know the entire truth you will be set free!"  

When the truth is out there, either within your self because you are now ready to make a new life decision, or in the  media with world events, one truth after another truth being forced into the open now, its okay, because the truth will set you free.  It is the God Reality of the Sign of Libra.

This is a testy period for earth/sky/water/disruptions. It can also be an opening for a foreign disruptions and possible intensification of world powers desperately making their own drastic financial decisions, an end and closure to the old way of finance.  Close up your weak areas and hold on. 
Remember, it doesn't have to be so dramatic, but an astrologer's job is also to bring out what the pure clear potential is of every cycle, and say it like it is, then it's our job to mitigate it if it is unpleasant, change it, or if it is good, enhance it!
Pluto then, in a square to a new moon will be the end of some illusion cycle in the world, and it will occur via a sudden Uranus event.

We need to step up our prayers for protection, mitigation and for the perfection of visualization.
Again, because of situations forced upon yourself or the world, a sudden decision and choice of how one is to proceed with new information which will pertain to each one of you will be at your doorstep.

It is the New Moon conjoin Mercury at 2* Libra,  in square to Pluto at 4* Capricorn, and oppose to Uranus at 2* Aries. There are three fixed stars connected to this aspect.


The New Moon is conjoined to Zaniah in the constellation Virgo.  It gives the New Moon
benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests and freedom of captives.  Please note, this is validating and supporting the concept of belief in your new goals, your new freedom from any past limitation and oppression you might have lived in. 

So this is your time to throw your anchor on your highest truth, your highest star.

The Sun and Moon are opposing Uranus which is also conjoined the Fixed Star Deneb Kaitos. They are both at 2* Aries, and this star is in the constellation Pisces.  It is the star in the tale of the Whale. It colors Uranus'  events with sudden exposure and clearing of the murky waters. Anything that was shrouded in mystery, unexplainable surprises, attacks not expected, strange and unpredictable situations which have not been exposed or able to be explained up to this point, brought out in the open.  Any attempt to slip in as a Trojan horse, will be caught in time and revealed by the People. 

 Deneb Kaitos

Both the New Moon/Sun and Uranus are in square to Pluto at 4*Capricorn and it is also connected with the fixed star Polis
and it is colorizing the personality of Pluto with the challenging qualities of being targeted.  Our planet being targeted, our Libra-strength, beauty, quality of life, wealth, resources possibly being targeted. 
Ptolemy's remarks on Polis: "The stars at the point of the arrow in Sagittarius have influence similar to that of Mars and the Moon: those on the bow, and at the grasp of the hand, act like Jupiter and Mars..."


An interference with our security is probable. We need to step up our prayers for protection, mitigation of potential upsets and imbalances.

Call for the mitigation of the negative astrology of the New Moon at 4* Libra conjoin Mercury at 2* Libra and Zaniah At 4* Libra (fixed Star), oppose Uranus at 2* Aries and Deneb Kaitos at 2* Aries  ( Fixed Star), square Pluto at 4* Capricorn and Polis at 4* Capricorn …..

….and it's impact in the U.S. Conceptional ( July 4 1776) Chart in a conjunction to the U.S. Midheaven at 1* Libra, square the U.S. Venus and Jupiter at 3 and 5* Cancer in the 7th house, Oppose the 4th house at 1* Aries and the transiting Pluto at 4* Capricorn in the U.S. 1st house.

Satellite Descending

Revised-September 30 2011

Here is an interesting link where lists of unexplainable meteor type activity are noted:
Meteor Hunters   Why post this?  Well, I think it's helpful for us to keep watch and a lookout
for each other on this planet, without becoming obsessive.
Hum, ....look, I am trying not to fall into that catagory. 

Crashing Satellite's Debris Region Predicted: 500 Miles of Possibilities |

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